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Good Deal: Chili’s Limited Time 3 for $10

Chili’s has a rotating set of deals that let us eat well without breaking the bank. We take advantage of these when we can. Right now it’s the 3 for $10 deal.

You get a non-alcoholic drink, an appetizer and an entree for just $10. And the food’s always good. You can’t beat that.

You can pick your favorite beverage such as a soda or iced tea, then choose one of the appetizer options from among two salads, three soups, chips or chili.

There are eight entrees to choose from including Margarita Grilled Chicken, Mango-Habanero Crispers, Cajun Shrimp Pasta ($1.00 extra) or Just Bacon Burger & more.

The 3 for $10.00 deal is good for either lunch or dinner. Here is the address for the local Chili’s:

4401 N. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

100 Orchard Rd. Myrtle Beach

Review: A Visit with Arthur Treacher

We had such high hopes. Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips was an old-time fast-food restaurant that bucked the burger trend in the 1970s. As a result, at the time it had a tremendous following with some 800 restaurants. Alas, by June of 2021, there was but one standalone Arthur Treacher’s in the entire United States.

News that it had been revived by Nathan’s Famous sent fans into thoughts of deep fried bliss.

Our Arthur Treacher’s journey brought us to the neon splashed 200 block of Main Street in North Myrtle Beach. There, tucked under Nathans Skybar, was an Arthur Treacher’s, Nathans and Scoops all mixed together.

With great anticipation, we ordered the fish and chips platter for $9.99, a price that, to be honest, caused my cheap eats heart to skip a beat. The platter included two medium size pieces of fish, “chips,” cole slaw, two hush puppies and three little plastic tubs of tartar sauce. The chips were not the English-style chips (Arthur Treacher was a British actor) that I was familiar with. These were simply unseasoned crinkle cut French fries. Though browned on the outside, there were mushy and tasteless.

The hush puppies were also pretty tasteless. Worse, they were mushy inside. The cole slaw was, to be generous, passable. But the fish! The fish! The fish was deep fried and hot, crisp on the outside, tender and flaky on the inside. And tasty? Yes! With just the right hint of saltiness. Arthur Treacher, God rest his soul, still knows how to make fish. Not quite as good as Long John Silvers, in my opinion, but pretty good for fast food fish.

As for the rest of the meal, it was – how do you say this kindly – awful. And that spoiled the whole thing for us. As we left the shrine to Mr. Treacher, we were disappointed. Even the usually imperturbable Robin sounded a bit snitty. “It spites me to spend that much money on bad food.” The final bill, with two medium drinks, came to $28.59.

I reminded her that we knew from the start that we were not going to be dining at Aspen. That this was a chance to do some fast food time traveling to what was at one time an iconic and much loved cheap eat. Having now taken that trip, it’s extremely doubtful we’d go down that road again.

Long John Silver’s Lobster Bites are Back

Does anyone know if there are any Long John Silvers in the Greater Grand Strand area? This is a place I always stop at when I’m traveling. So what’s the big deal? After a seven year absence, LJS has brought back its Lobster Bites.

In case you missed it the last time around, Lobster Bites are Norway lobster tail coated in a savory, buttery breading. You can get a Lobster Bites Tail Pack by itself or:

Lobster Bites & Fish Combo which includes Lobster Bites, 1 piece of wild-caught, Alaska Pollock, 1 side, 2 hushpuppies, and a drink

Lobster Bites & Fish Platter Lobster Bites, 2 pieces of wild-caught, Alaska Pollock, 2 sides, and 2 hushpuppies

Lobster Bites Family Feast 2 Lobster Bites Tail Packs, 8 pieces of fish or chicken (mix and match), 2 family sides, 8 hushpuppies

Might be worth a road trip.

Free King Jr Meal at BK

Sorry we didn’t catch this earlier but you can get a free King Jr. Meal when you purchase an adult combo meal. Each King Jr. Meal includes a junior entree (cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, hamburger) junior side and junior drink.

The promotion runs through September 3rd, so you still have time. You have to order online or through the app to take advantage of this generosity. (Go to the “offers” tab on the BK app and when you choose the combo meal purchase, the free King Jr. meal unlocks.) Not valid during breakfast hours.

Big Bacon Cheddar Chicken Comes to Wendys

The Chicken Sandwich Wars continue unabated with Wendy’s offering the new Big Bacon Cheddar Chicken. There are three versions of the sandwich:

Classic: A juicy, lightly breaded chicken breast covered in creamy cheddar cheese and bacon jam, topped with applewood smoked bacon, crispy onions, and a slice of American cheese, all on a pillow-soft – that’s their words, not mine – toasted cheddar bun.

Spicy: A juicy chicken breast marinated and breaded a fiery blend of peppers and spices covered in creamy cheddar cheese and bacon jam, topped with applewood smoked bacon, crispy onions, and a slice of American cheese.

Grilled: An herb-marinated grilled chicken breast covered in creamy cheddar cheese and bacon jam, topped with applewood smoked bacon, crispy onions, and a slice of American cheese, all on a pillow-soft, toasted cheddar bun.

Though they all look pretty much the same, here’s a picture. Big Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwiches are available at Grand Strand area Wendy’s.