The Feds Investigate McFlurry Machines

McDonald’s has had a problem with their McFlurry machines, well, forever.

The machines, which are used to make milkshakes, soft cones and McFlurrys, are frequently out of service. There’s even a web site,, that tracks McFlurry machine outages across the United States. It’s no joking matter for customers or the chain, either. McFlurry sales account for some 60% of McDonald’s dessert sales in the U.S.

But take heart, McFlurry fans. The venerable Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden administration has heard the anguished cries of franchisees and customers alike and put the Federal Trade Commission on the case.

According to the Journal, “The FTC wants to know how McDonald’s reviews suppliers and equipment, including the ice cream machines, and how often restaurant owners are allowed to work on their own machines.”

There is no timeline regarding the investigation and some of the players involved say they were unaware that the FTC was even involved in the McFlurry situation. So for now, take comfort in the fact that the federal government is on the job and that milkshakes, soft cones and McFlurrys might soon be flowing freely at McDonald’s. Or not.