Dickey’s Has Dr. Pepper Wings. Fly, Dickey’s, Fly!

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants were founded in 1941 by Travis Dickey. For the last 80 years, they’ve served millions of people what they call Legit. Texas. Barbecue. To celebrate their 80 years, Dickey’s has introduced the limited-time Sweet & Smoky Pit-Smoked Wings with Dr Pepper Barbecue Sauce.

Sadly, Dickey’s doesn’t provide any details on this. I guess the name says it all. Before we go on, maybe you were wishing you could watch a short, 15 second commercial with nice pictures of Dickey’s Sweet & Smoky Pit-Smoked Wings with Dr Pepper Barbecue Sauce? You’re in luck. Click this link.


The party also marks the return of Brisket Chili. This authentic, Texas-style chili can be enjoyed as a premium side item or as a savory topper on a variety of menu classics such as Mac Stacks, Bakers or Frito Pie.

Dickey’s has over 550 locations across the United States and six other countries including the store at 3731 Oleander Drive in Myrtle Beach.

Review: Great Tasting Fast Food Alternative at Kosta Bowl

We had a great experience in Conway today. Off on a road trip, we decided to stop at the Kosta Bowl on Main Street. Truth is we didn’t know what to expect. Boy, were we very pleasantly surprised!

The store looks great and the staff friendly and attentive. And they were patient. After all, there are lot of great looking options to choose from.

So what is a Kosta Bowl? Better than trying to describe the concept let me tell you about mine.

I ordered the Goin’ Green Bowl. At the bottom is a chilled green “base” that’s topped with goodies. The base is somewhere between an ice cream and a pudding. On top is half a sliced banana and big, thick slices of kiwi. Toasted granola gives the mixture a nice, crunchy texture and coconut flakes add a taste of sweetness. The whole masterpiece is topped with a drizzle of almond butter and honey.

Others got the Palmetto Bowl, acai topped with pineapple, bananas, granola, honey and coconut flakes and the Nutty Bowl. The Nutty Bowl also had acai with fresh strawberries, bananas, granola, coconut flakes, honey, Nutella and peanut butter.

As one of the people in our party remarked, “This tastes like real food!”

These are not snacks. These are meals. The Kosta Bowl measures 5 ½ inches in diameter and is 3 inches deep and it arrives filled to the top. Along with 27 different bowls (including oatmeal), there are 12 Smoothies and 4 different fruit and yogurt parfaits. Bowls range from $9 to $11, Smoothies are $7 and the Parfaits $4.75.

It’s interesting to mention that Kosta Bowls was founded by a Myrtle Beach local. Already, there are three Kosta Bowls in the Greater Grand Strand with, according to the website, another on the way. And no doubt, many, many more to come.

A great place to eat and a great story. Spread the word.

2954 Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach

4999 Carolina Forest Blvd, Myrtle Beach

412 Main Street, Conway

1195 Highway 544, Conway

9380 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island

Football Party Season Kicks Off at Baskin Robbins

Football Party Season Kicks Off at Baskin Robbins

Say you’re having the gang from work over for a football party and you really want to wow everyone.

How about an officially licensed NFL ice cream cake?

It’s available in all 32 NFL teams, customized with your favorite team’s logo and colors. You choose your  favorite ice cream flavor and cake flavor. (Icing color is automatically determined by team colors and will vary by team selected.) The NFL cakes take 24 to 48 hours to create.

Perfect for football season is Quarterback Crunch. It’s a vanilla flavored ice cream with rice crunchies in a chocolate flavored coating, topped with a caramel ribbon.

There’s a Baskin-Robbins in Myrtle Beach at 4282 River Oaks Drive and one in Little River at 1593 Highway 90 E.

New Fall Food at Cracker Barrel

Bacon is the centerpiece – as it should be – of two new Fall dishes at Cracker Barrel: Bacon Mac n’ Cheese and Bacon n’ Egg Hashbrown Casserole. The new items are limited-time and available in store and online.

Bacon Mac n’ Cheese: Creamy mac n’ cheese topped with crispy bacon bites, parsley, green onions and Parmesan cheese.

Bacon n’ Egg Hashbrown Casserole: Griddled and layered with Colby cheese, scrambled eggs and hickory-smoked bacon, all topped with fried onions, diced tomatoes and green onions. Served with buttermilk biscuits.

Back in the lineup is Cracker Barrel’s Huckleberry Tea and Pumpkin Pie Latte.

The fall flavors are available until November 29th.

Cracker Barrel locations:

1208 N. Retail Court, Myrtle Beach

4835 Hwy 17 S. North Myrtle Beach

1303 Tadlock Dr., Murrells Inlet

Pizza Inn Announces New Pan Pizza

It’s a pretty bold claim but Pizza Inn says that they’ve “out Pan Pizza’d The Hut.”

Pizza Inn announced today the launch of its new House Pan Pizza. The Pizza starts with Pizza Inn’s house-made dough, topped with 100% real whole milk mozzarella cheese and pan-fried to a golden brown. It’s then brushed with a proprietary blend of buttery garlic, Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

The new House Pan Pizza is available on the All You Can Eat Buffet and for delivery or carryout.

To celebrate the launch, Pizza Inn is offering special deals:Purchase one large two-topping House Pan Pizza for $11.99

Purchase two medium, two-topping House Pan Pizzas for $6.99 each Purchase JoJo’s Family Feast through Pizza Inn’s Contactless Buffet-To-Go for only $25.99, which includes four half pizzas (two medium pizzas with up to two toppings on each side) and any two sides items (garlic rolls-8 count; medium garlic cheese bread; medium chocolate chip pizzert; medium cinnamon stromboli or small garden salad) Guests can upgrade to one House Pan Pizza for $26.99 or two for $27.99.

Location? 1404 Church St. Conway

Cici’s Large Takeout Pizza Deal

For a lot of people, Cici’s is where you go for the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. What a lot of folk don’t know is that it has a really good deal going on right now for carry out pizza.

You can get two large one-topping pizzas for $5.99 each. That $11.98 for two pizzas. (Large one topping pizza usually start at $6.74 each.)

Toppings are pretty extensive at Cici’s. They include pepperoni, bacon beef, black olives, cheddar, chicken, green peppers, ham, jalapenos, mushrooms, pineapple, red onions and sausage.

The deal is good through September 19th and you have to present the coupon, which can be found below. https://cicispizzas.fbmta.com/…/32212254756…

Cici’s is at 3550 Northgate Drive in Myrtle Beach

Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Krispy Kreme

Another Pumpkin Spice Latte hits streets today, along with Caramel Latte and Cinnamon Bun Latte. The location of these sweet treats: Krispy Kreme.

KK’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is their signature latte blended with pumpkin spice flavor, topped with whipped cream and a pumpkin spice blend.

The Caramel Latte Caramel Latte has Ghirardelli caramel sauce topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

The Cinnamon Bun Latte is blended with Cinnamon Bun flavor and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Appearing for a one one run week starting today is the Pumpkin Spice doughnuts.

Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed – An Original Glazed doughnut transformed by pumpkin spice flavor.

Pumpkin Spice Original Filled, Cheesecake – A Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed doughnut with creamy cheesecake filing topped with an icing drizzle.

Pumpkin Spice Cake – A glazed, old-fashioned pumpkin spice cake doughnut.

The Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts are available through September 26th. Here are the addresses:

1806 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

100 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

101 Rodeo Dr, Myrtle Beach

1300 Highway 17 S, North Myrtle Beach

Help Us Find the McDonald’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Up north, the arrival of the McDonald’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is a BIG event. It’s bigger than college football, bigger even than deer season.
About this time of year, crowds begin to form outside the local McDonald’s in the evenings after work. People bring their kids and they stand in the crisp autumn air and peer into the windows and smear them with their hot breath. Day after day they wait.

And then it happens. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in! How happy the people are!

Why is this so important to people? The McDonald’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is perfect for warming up in the aforementioned crisp autumn air. It’s freshly brewed and spiced to perfection with hints of pumpkin and cinnamon flavors. Yes, steamed with whole or nonfat milk, it’s a delicious latte treat that’s cozy and relaxing and worth every minute of waiting. And it only costs a couple of bucks, maybe three or so.

And now the bad news – badder than even the seeming absence of Hungry Howie Pumpkin Spice Bread in local shops – is that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are only available at SELECT McDonald’s and of ALL the McDonald’s along the Grand Strand, we can’t find one that has the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It just means that we haven’t found it yet.

We’ll keep looking.
Please report in if you find it.