Chili’s Review: Sometimes Everything Seems to Go Wrong

We don’t go to Chili’s every week but we do end up there several times a year. The item in CheapEatsMyrtleBeach about their 3 for $10 deal provided the motivation to return.

It was Saturday night around 8 and the wait time was half an hour. We signed in and waited for the call. It never came. We did eventually get seated and placed our order: two iced tea, chips and salsa, garden salad, and two of the Margarita Chicken.

Service was fast but the food was not hot. We started to eat anyway.

At a table to our left, a couple was having some sort of trouble. She had left the building but it seems the man had stayed behind. He couldn’t find something. He was talking to the waitresses and looking under the table but couldn’t find it. There was much talk.

The Margarita Chicken is three nice size pieces of grilled chicken breast tastefully arranged on a bed of black beans, Mexican rice, tortilla strips and pico. We’ll spare you a review of the meal because the whole situation that was unfolding around us would make a fair assessment impossible.

We were well into our meal when we noticed that the family behind us had walked out. After a while, a waitress came over. She stopped at a distance from the abandoned table and stared. Putting her hand to her mouth she said, “Oh, no!” Another minute passed. “Oh, no,” she said again. The table and floor was strewn with food, trash and . . . vomit. It looked like a dumpster explosion on a very hot summer day.

It seemed like everyone on staff wanted to see. Waitresses came and went like police at the scene of a crime.

Finally, a man with a mop arrived. When he saw us looking at the carnage, he asked snottily, “Are you looking for something?” We said no. It was definitely time to go.

But not so fast. As we prepared to leave, we glanced at the bill. We had been overcharged by $8.00. The overcharge was easily resolved and we paid but the constant chaos did ruin a nice night out.

A final note. Running a restaurant is clearly not an easy job. Many are understaffed and the employees overworked and underpaid. Things can and often do go wrong, sometimes awfully wrong. This was one of those times.

We could have forgiven just about all of that with one exception: the snotty guy with the mop. I know that it’s no fun to clean up a stranger’s vomit. It wasn’t the mop guys fault. But our time out was ruined, too. And the vomit wasn’t our fault either.

Let’s just leave it at that.

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