Try New Footlongs at Subway 15% Off

There’s been a lot of additions to the Subway menu over the summer and now there’s a good reason to try them: a 15% off coupon.

Order any footlong sandwich online or through the app and enter the code 15OFF. You can only use the code once per order but you can go back the next day and use it again.

The coupon is good for any footlong but some of the new summer offerings worth trying include Rotisserie–style Chicken ($8.99 before discount), All-American Club ($8.79), Black Forest Ham ($5.99), Italian BMT ($6.99) and Steak and Cheese ($8.79).

Prices can vary. The coupon does not work for Footlong Pros or Wraps. The promotion ends on September 29th.

There are a dozen or more Subways all around the Greater Grand Strand.

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