Hurricane Season Means Barbecue Prepping by Dickey’s

Here on the Grand Strand, outdoor barbecuing goes on pretty much all year long. There really is no winter here, at least nothing cold enough to shut down the grill.But there are hurricanes. For six months of the year, the Atlantic seems to be churning with them. What if one hits and you can’t get to the store? How would you barbecue then?

Dickey’s suggests that you do some hurricane prepping with one of their Barbecue at Home “Fill Your Freezer Boxes.”

Here are the facts:

The Fill Your Freezer Box includes 2 (5-6oz ea) pork tenderloins, 2 (6 oz. ea.) filet mignon, 2 (8 oz. ea.) pork chops, 2 (16 oz ea.) chicken breast and Caribbean Chipotle Barbecue Rub. It’s $69.99.

The Fill Your Deep Freezer bundle comes with 2 (1.25 lb. pkgs.) of Chicken Wings and Drums, 3 (2 pack) Chicken Breasts, 2 (2 pack, 5-6 oz each) Pork Tenderloin, 2 (2 pack, 8 oz each) Pork Chop, 1 (2 pack, 6 oz each) Filet Mignon, 1 (2 pack, 6 oz each) Boneless Ribeye, 1 (3,9 oz) Everything bagel Rub and 1 (4.4 oz) Caribbean Chipotle Barbecue Rub. The Fill Your Deep Freezer bundle will set you back $224.99.

Barbecue At Home by Dickey’s blast freezes the meat, then vacuum seals it to ensure maximum freshness that lasts up to six months.

Both packages include free direct-to-your-door shipping.You can’t pick these up at the local store. To learn more or to order, go to

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