Review: The Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger

There is a real skill to the art of food photography. Take, for example, this professional photo of Sonic’s Grilled Cheese Burger. Now compare it to the picture of the Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger that we were served. The problem is that mass-produced fast foods can seldom live up to the impossible standards of the professional photos. Before you even taste the food you’re disappointed.

The idea of a Grilled Cheese Burger has real potential. It combines three of the best-loved comfort foods into what should be a satisfying failure-proof sandwich: buttery Texas Toast, oozy melty cheese and fresh, juicy grilled hamburger patties. The reality is altogether different.

The Texas toast might have been the best part of the sandwich but even it wasn’t able to salvage the sandwich. It could have been two slices of golden buttery deliciousness. Instead it looked like something Mom made on an angry day.

The two burger patties were dry and over cooked to the point of almost being burned. Add the melty, oozy cheese that wasn’t even melted and the whole thing ended up not a fool proof comfort food combination but an industrial food weight that sat in my stomach like a lead ball. What could have been a real winner or even an alternative to the traditional burger on a bun ended up being a real disappointment.

The Grilled Cheese Double Burger combo included the sandwich, a medium sweet tea (that was unsweetened) and medium french fries (that were pretty good). Total price? $5.89.

At least they got the price right.

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